Once Upon a Time…


While our younger children have been celebrating the New Year by exploring all things food, our oldest children have spent the first months of 2017 learning about fairytales!

Our Preschoolers always love roleplay, so our home corner has been transformed into everything from the three bears’ kitchen to Rapunzel’s tower. The children have adored using the fronds of colourful material to transform into a new role, with the Big Bad Wolf being a particular favourite!

This year we have had a major emphasis on empowering our children with the confidence to tell their own stories. As well as roleplay, our children have been learning simplified Signalong versions of some of our favourite tales and have made many resources, props and story prompts. What’s more our fantastic children have become so confident with these beloved tales that they have been hosting their own puppet shows (with their own handmade puppets!) for all their friends!

Westgate believes that promoting early literacy is one of our key responsibilities in the education of young children. Studies have proven that literate children tend to achieve the most highly in later life, due in part to the their increased vocabulary. Fairytales have the added benefit of exposing children to concepts of morality at an early age, thus giving infants a wide range of second-hand ‘experiences’ to draw upon in their own real life conundrums. With this in mind, 2017 will see Westgate embarking on a mission to promote our children’s literacy… Watch this space!



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