Westgate Nursery’s Book Exchange 2017


Tomorrow sees the launch of our Book Exchange, and we are so excited!

For anyone who has managed to escape the posters, facebook updates, or mentions at handover, Westgate Nursery is proud to announce our latest Literacy initiative: the Book Exchange. This is a chance for parents to help their children foster a love of reading simply by reading themselves! We have a selection of GROWN UP books ready for you to peruse; simply choose one and exchange it for your child’s book token, or one of your own pre-loved reading materials. Then when you get home, try to make sure your children see YOU reading – not to your child, but to yourself.

Parents really are the best role models. YOU are your child’s biggest hero! If your child sees you enjoying something, they are more likely to enjoy it too (which explains why children want to eat from Mummy and Daddy’s plates instead of their own!). With this in mind, if you make a point of showing your child that you are choosing to read, your child will probably try to copy you! So we will take this opportunity to urge you to read – even just for five minutes! – in front of your child.


Our Book Exchange might be exclusively for grown ups, but don’t fear that the children will be missing out! To go alongside our Book Exchange, Westgate will be running a book week for children too! Over the week, our children will be encouraged to discuss their favourite stories; role play our most beloved books and even dress up as book characters for World Book Day. To get them in the mood for reading, Friday saw us creating book-themed decorations all over the nursery – our oldest children recreated their favourite book covers, and our under-2’s practised turning pages and showing interest in print by making book bunting!

Come on in and see our decorations for yourself!



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