Fruity Flapjacks


As part of our Healthy Eating Pledge, Westgate is committed to providing nutritional meals to your little ones. We’re constantly looking at ways to encourage children to try new foods – particularly those tricky fruit and vegetables! With that in mind, one rainy afternoon we set about making the fruitiest flapjack we could create, in partnership with the children.

After rummaging around our kitchen cupboards we unearthed a mountain of dried and fresh fruits, which were shared with the children. The children then chose their favourite  fruits – raisins and apples, in this case – before examining the more unfamiliar options. To enhance the sensory element of the activity, our children were invited to look at, smell and taste these fruits, before collaboratively deciding that they’d also like to add dates to the mixture. The children also decided to add just 3tsps of honey to sweeten the flapjacks (we had been learning about dentists earlier that week!), before pouring in some dessicated coconut.

The result? A very crumbly, fruity flapjack that was shared around the nursery for biscuit time. The unanimous verdict from even our fussiest eaters is best described as ‘clean bowls’ – nearly all of the children asked for second helpings!

Fruity flapjacks – a fun, easy, and most importantly, tasty way of adding more fruit to our children’s diet!

Westgate’s Fruity Flapjacks
(As is the nature of cooking with children, these measurements are quite vague – just add whatever you have and hope for the best!)

2 cups Porridge Oats
80g-ish Baking Spread, melted
3 heaped tsps Honey (change to Golden Syrup for babies!)
1 handful dessicated coconut
1 handful Raisins and Dates (or any other dried fruits you have in your cupboards)
1 apple, chopped into bite sized chunks (our toddlers and preschoolers love to chop fruit with butter knives!)

Line a tin with greaseproof paper and pre-heat the oven to about 180C.

Pour the oats into a large mixing bowl, then add the melted butter and honey/syrup. Stir until combined – you’re looking for a chunky mixture (if it’s too sloppy, just add more oats!). Add the dried fruit, coconut and apple, and mix again. Pour the mixture into the pre-lined tray and bake for ABOUT 20-40 minutes (depending on your oven!), or until the oats have turned golden. Leave to cool.

Serve the flapjack with a cup of milk for a mid-afternoon pick-me-up, or try crumbling a small piece over some yogurt and fruit for a tasty pudding for your child!




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