A Cinco de Mayo Fiesta!

At Westgate we believe introducing our children to different cultures is a key aspect of promoting tolerance and our Core Values. There’s no better way of doing this than joining in with cultural celebrations, so on May 5th our children had a crash course in all things Mexico! As always, we strive to ensure our activities reflect the EYFS curriculum. While every room base tweaked the activities to ensure they were age appropriate, all of our children – from babies to our nearly-school leavers – got stuck in with our Mexican theme!

To promote Personal, Social and Emotional development our oldest children had a circle time focused on Mexico, and the Cinco de Mayo Celebration (well, sort of… you try explaining a battle for independence to four-year-olds!). We also looked at Mexico in our atlas.

The children all learned a new song for Cinco de Mayo – as we call it, The Mexican friend song! The babies enjoyed it’s familiar tune, and the older children found the unfamiliar language part bemusing, and part exciting!


The children then practiced their fine motor skills by decorating Sugar Skulls: our Ladybirds and Caterpillars practiced cutting and sticking, while our Butterflies experimented with cotton buds and paint to make dotty patterns. Some of the biggest children further developed their physical and literacy skills by tracing over a selection of Mexican phrases, too!


What would a fiesta be without food? The children embraced Mexican flavours by making their own tortilla chips and salsa, which were shared at biscuit time; followed by the Caterpillar’s cinnamon brownies for teatime pudding. Delicious!

Of course, to finish our fiesta the children took part in our garden disco. We are so lucky to have such creative, confident children at Westgate – their ‘moves’ were fantastic!


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