We’ve Been Learning About…

At Westgate we believe that our children should be at the heart of the curriculum. For this reason, our topics are always derived from our children’s interests. Sometimes a shared stimulus or experience excites all of our children; at other times it is the children’s natural interests that are detected and planned for by Key Carers. Combining the children’s interests into a theme provides a wealth of interconnected experiences that are designed to deepen our children’s understanding of a topic, while also providing opportunities for children to develop their skills in a fun, engaging and ever-changing way.

So, at Westgate, we have been learning about:

Our Ladybirds have been exploring colours. The babies have loved making towers of colourful blocks, marbling paints together to make beautiful clingfilm pictures and creating playdough shapes!

In the Caterpillars room the children have been learning about transport! The toddlers all love riding on cars and bikes in the garden, but this week they have also been learning about road safety by creating traffic lights; constructing a ROAD in their room(!) and even eating (fruit) aeroplanes!

Our oldest children, the Butterflies, have been inspired by all the recent Bonfire celebrations to focus on the skies. That’s right, Preschool has gone to space! The children have been practicing counting by launching rockets; developing their thinking and ideas by decorating stars and planets – and, of course, discussing all of the ‘nice aliens’ who inhabit them! – and acting out their own space role plays in our space station and rocket. We’ve been having a blast!





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