A Day in the Life at Westgate


08:23 – Breakfast time! The children usually have toast and cereal, but occasionally homemade granola and croissants also grace our table. As always, the children are encouraged to be as independent as possible – the oldest children even serve themselves!

09:23 Breakfast has finished and it’s time to play! Some of our children begin their day at 9:30, so we will have exciting activities ready to play with. These activities will change throughout the morning, depending on the children’s interest – dragon chase in the garden could turn in to taming dragons in the forest, or cooking for them in the roleplay corners.

The Three Bears’ House Roleplay

10:23 Snack Time! We host a ‘rolling snack’ where children approach the snack table when they are ready, so as not to interrupt play. Each day we provide a bowl of fruits which the children choose, help to cut (if necessary), and share with their friends.

11:23 The play continues! In this cold weather usually most children have migrated indoors by now, so activities and space for free play will be set up across the nursery.


12:23 Lunch time (sort of)! The oldest children will be finishing their puddings now, which is served slightly earlier for toddlers and babies due to their napping schedules. The little ones are patted to sleep with gentle music to soothe them.

13:23 Some of our little ones will still be sleeping, so the other children will use this time for quieter activities, like painting, playdough or cutting and collageing.


14:23 It’s time for a biscuit! Some of our children leave for the day at 2:30, so before they go we serve a biscuit snack and milk and usually bring the children together for a story.

15:23 The children spend the afternoons building upon the most enjoyed activities of the morning – the Butterflies children loved the car mat at lunch time, so we made a ‘road’ for the cars and bikes in the garden! Some of the children may also help to prepare tea…

Pineapple upside down cake for pudding… made by our very own Caterpillars!

16:23 Tea time! Every day we serve our children high tea at 3:45. This light snack and pudding varies from homemade soup to fish finger butties or crumpets and spreads – where possible the children will have contributed to their meal too, from choosing and chopping the vegetables for soup to making quiche!

17:23 It’s nearly the end of the day, so activities will be starting to wind down. The toddlers and babies will be getting ready to play with the older children downstairs and to have a few bedtime stories, nursery rhymes with instruments, or puzzles and turn taking games.



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