Five Currant Buns

Five currant buns in a baker’s shop,
Round and fat with a cherry on the top.
Along came Polly with a penny one day, 
Bought a currant bun and took it away!


After breakfast on a rainy Thursday morning one Butterfly decided to play with playdough. He found the playdough, tools and table mat and set to work making ‘pancakes’ and singing to himself (Personal Social and Emotional Development)! I joined in his baker’s song (Communication and Language), and rolled out three playdough buns. We practiced counting the buns, then took it in turns to take away one bun at a time, marvelling at how our three buns became fewer and fewer (Mathematics). We were quickly joined by more children, who commented that our buns didn’t look right because they didn’t have cases or cherries. A quick raid of the kitchen (and roll of the playdough to make ‘cherries’!) also enabled us to introduce another sensory element – baking spices to smell! The children loved kneading the spices into their buns (Physical Development) and carried on the imaginative play for an entire hour (Expressive Arts and Design)!

To build on this, recipe books were provided to enable the children to have a go at baking themselves! They examined the print in the books (Literacy) and eventually chose to bake fruity bread buns. Together they mixed the ingredients and kneaded the dough, before Kerrie baked them into perfect buns (Understanding the World). We shared the buns together at biscuit time, spread with butter and a little jam – delicious!


Here is just one example of how one child’s interests have sparked an entire day’s worth of learning and fun at Westgate!

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