The Highworth Produce Show

It’s September, which (in Highworth) can only mean… it’s time for the Highworth Produce show! As well as all of our summer projects, we’ve spent the holidays preparing for the local craft competition.


The craft categories were perfect for our children’s interests: dinosaurs and pebble art! At Westgate we value children’s creativity, so rather than simply follow the instruction of a painting/collage of a dinosaur, we opted to make one ENORMOUS dinosaur collage, which all of our children contributed to!

Headed up by Marie, the children were all given ‘dinosaur scales’ to decorate as they desired. As always, the children had free access to pens, pencils, crayons, chalks, and paint (with supervision!) and the scales are individual masterpieces. The toddlers then created a collage of all of the scales, turning mini artworks into a huge diplodocus (please see our facebook page for more photos)!

In addition, the oldest children decorated a pebble following their own creative interests. Some children used the bingo pens to splash ink; some decorated their pebbles with water colour paints; and some added sticky decorations!

The Highworth Produce Show will be held on Saturday 8th September at Warneford School from 2-4pm. Why not come and view our children’s amazing creations? We love sharing our children’s talents with the local community!

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