Emotions Project


We are pleased to announce that we will be embarking on an emotions project to support our current behaviour policy. We recognise that behaviour is linked to emotions – when children are happy and content, their behaviour reflects this secure state of mind; but when the child is unhappy, cross or even simply tired, behaviour can be much more challenging!

In the Butterflies room, we will be placing a big emphasis on emotional literacy. We have created an emotions self-registration station, where the children are encouraged to reflect on how they are feeling. While the project is in its infancy we will focus on helping the children to identify when they are feeling happy or sad; but we hope to extend this as they children become more aware of how they are feeling.

Throughout the nursery we will also be using visual aids to support children’s understanding of both their own emotions and how their actions can affect the emotions of others. These happy/sad faces are used throughout the day, and have prompted conversations about behaviour. One of the Butterflies children even used the happy face to reward one of the practitioners for helping him tie his shoes!

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