Our Garden from a Child’s Eye View

We are aware that most of our parents hear about their child’s nursery experience from the practitioners. So with this in mind, we handed out cameras over to the children to show you a child’s view of the goings on at Westgate!

Welcome to our garden, as seen through the eyes (and camera skills) of some of the Butterflies children!


Our Summer House contains tables and chairs for picnic meals and garden activities; as well as our literacy cupboard. Children can access the literacy storage freely for mark making tools and equipment and story books.


Our A-frames were created a few years ago, when we were searching for an open-ended resource that would support physical development of all children at the nursery. Our babies enjoy practicing climbing, while the older children challenge themselves to balance across the bridge or jump safely from each step.


In our triangle ‘stage’ we store smaller toys for the children to access, as well as using the stage itself for small group activities such as singing or story telling. The children love exploring the area behind the stage, which is full of plants (and usually some bugs!).


We are currently in the middle of a project to transform the garden shed into a roleplay area! We will be building on the children’s current interest in Spring and growing by creating a garden centre/farm shop, complete with chalk wall to encourage our little ones to make marks!


We love to make the most of our outdoor space with numerous games and activities for the children to explore. On this day, the photographer captured a water tray ball run experience. The children explored gravity and angles by dropping the balls through tubes propped up on different height crate towers (that the children had also made). The children also used the water to develop their physical skills of pouring and mixing (particularly with sand!), as well as counting all of the balls to support mathematics!

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