Story Telling Project Phase Two: Bedtime Stories Evening and World Book Day 2019


Following the introduction of our Story Telling Project last year, we have made several developments. We are pleased to say that our children are engaging brilliantly with the stories, and the older children are starting to tell their own versions of traditional tales – last week we were treated to Goldilocks and the Three Pteradactyls!

Every February we host a Bedtime Stories event, where we wear pyjamas and read stories together. For the first time, the Butterflies Team invited their children’s parents in to experience the power of Story Telling themselves. We were so impressed with the turn out, and it’s great to think that some of the parents will try out some of the strategies with their children at home.

Again, our Westgate family did us proud for World Book Day. The children’s outfits were fantastic, and we were able to share some special stories from home which made the event even more memorable. We are so pleased that our families clearly value stories as much as we do, and we will continue to foster a love of stories in the future!


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