Parent Readiness and Our School Transition Initiative

Moving from nursery to ‘big school’ can be a nerve-wracking transition, both for the children and for their families. At Westgate, we have a comprehensive program to support our children to face this change as positively as possible.

But what about the parents of the transitioning children?  We recognise that the more comfortable and confident a parent feels about the upcoming transition, the more secure the child will feel. So here is a glimpse into what we get up to in the Butterflies room to support the school transition!


We believe that social skills, independence and emotional literacy are of equal importance to academic performance when considering school readiness; our provision prioritises opportunities for children to develop and consolidate these skills in accordance to our beliefs.

The ‘school’ roleplay corner is set up to give the children an idea of school routines and expectations. The children participate in ‘registration’, as well as sitting together in a group for a ‘lesson’ (no longer than two minutes). We introduce the idea of uniform with dressing up options, as well as school books and pencil cases on our writing station.

Many of our table games and activities relate to school readiness as they encourage the children to take turns, share and follow rules to play the game.

In fact, every learning experience offered in the Butterflies contributes to their school readiness, as they are planned in accordance with the EYFS curriculum for 30-50 and 40-60months. These objectives are intended to gradually prepare children for school; thus ensuring that all learning opportunities on offer in the Butterflies will contribute to school readiness. For example, our finger gym enables the children to develop the fine motor skills and coordination that are necessary for early writing in a fun, playful way.



As for parents… we have recently reviewed our school transition schedule, and will be incorporating two new Parent Readiness Evenings. In the Autumn term we will host an evening session so parents can have a ‘taster’ of our curriculum, and the ways in which we support school transition through play. We will then repeat the evening in the Spring term, when we will also invite representatives from the local schools to join us.

The school transition can be a daunting experience, but it can also be filled with excitement as your child begins on the next stage in their lives. We wish you all the best of luck!

(For more information, please ask a member of the Butterflies team to share our Parent’s Guide to School Transitions!)


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