A New (Partly Plant-Based) Menu for Summer


At Westgate, we pride ourselves on caring for our children’s emotional and physical wellbeing.

Our cook Angie has whipped up a new menu to enhance our current mealtime offerings and ensure that our children receive balanced meals and the opportunity to eat SEVEN portions of fruit and vegetables every day. To encourage children to be open-minded eaters, our new menu features both new flavours and traditional favourites, with a little twist.

They’re plant-based.

True, we’re not an entirely plant-based setting yet, but of the eleven daily menus on offer, six are entirely vegetarian; with another four involve one vegetarian meal.

And why have we chosen to embrace plant-based meals? Partly because they are more inclusive to the needs of our children with dietary requirements, and we feel that mealtimes should be inclusive, social events. Moreover, we believe that children are more likely to try – and ultimately enjoy – unfamiliar foods when they have been exposed to it multiple times.

Our experience with children’s eating habits has also taught us that the more involved children are in preparing meals, the more motivated they may be to try it. As such, many of our meals are made – at least in part – by the children. Whether it’s grating carrots for the coleslaw to go with BBQ Quorn and sweet potato wedges; or adding spices and slicing up homemade tortilla chips to top our spiced chickpea tagine, we will provide opportunities for our children to join in too!

For a sneak peak at our menu – and a few cheeky recipes – make sure you check out our facebook page!

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