Book Making


If you take a look at the book corners in each of the rooms at Westgate, you may notice some handbound or laminated pages. Please do take a closer look – these are the books that your children have made!

We have collated artwork that reflect the children’s interests – the Ladybirds have made books about themselves and their families; the Caterpillar’s books are about flowers and the Butterflies have made books about nature and bugs.

DSC05734In the Butterflies room children have even been helping to laminate their artwork, supporting their understanding of technology and safety. By making books as a team we can practice collaborative skills, as well as highlighting each child’s different talents. In this way our book making does not only support literacy and communication, but personal, social and emotional skills too!

The children love being able to examine their own creations, and we see so many proud smiles when they share their work with friends!

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